Sony Alpha 

Best Quality camera is important part these days in digital marketing becuase now all marketing source posible only digitalization


SONY Alpha  camera makes for a remarkable 0.02-second speed and High-density AF Tracking Technology


Thanks to its advanced AF algorithm, you enjoy highly accurate autofocus even in dark settings.

Focus Magnifier 

You can display a magnified view of the area that you want to focus on, and then you can make the necessary adjustments


When we half-press this camera's shutter, Real-time Eye AF detects and autofocuses on your subject's eyes. 

Manual Focus 

When you use manual focus, this camera's Peak function highlights the maximum in-focus area of ​​a color image.

Image  Quality  

The ISO sensitivity of this camera has been increased up to 32000 which makes your images look more realistic and their colors appear richer.

4K Movie Recording 

This camera lets you record videos in 4K means 35-mm format so that you get mindblowing results

custom function

Use this camera's eight keys and controls to assign the functions you use most

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As on date this camera price is @Rs 72990/- and his name is SONY Alpha ILCE-6400 

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